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4b. UL Listed Electronic Locks

4b. UL Listed Electronic Locks
4b. UL Listed Electronic Locks


  • S&G's UL Listed electronic locks are preset from the factory at 1-2-3-4-5-6-#. Electronic locks are battery operated.
  • The new TITAN DIRECT-DRIVE electronic locks are the latest edition to our e-lock lineup. It has the key pad feature and a rotating outter sleeve to open lock, increasing the reliability and longevity of the lock.
  • Only Duracell or Duracell ProCell 9-Volt batteries should be used in S&G electronic locks


  1. Electronic locks are popular for their quick access, multiple user capability (additional users), and the ability to change the combination at any time (mechanical locks require a locksmith to change the combination).
  2. The NEW S&G TITAN D-DRIVE E-lock provides the convenience of electronics and the reliability of a mechanical lock. This lock is available on Franklin models and above.
  3. Batteries can be changed from the front of the safe (see owner's manual).

SECURITY NOTE: Electronic lock combinations need to be changed from the factory code of 1-2-3-4-5-6 to a unique combination set by the customer when they set up their new safe at home/office.