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5. Hardplate Lock Protectors

Ball-bearing hardplate snaps drill bits
Ball-bearing hardplate snaps drill bits
Triple layered hardplates protect lock
Triple layered hardplates protect lock


  • Hardplate is processed steel that has been heat treated to achieve a much harder surface. They are placed in front of the lock to resist drilling of the lock. Liberty uses two (2) types of hardplates-triple layered (Franklin and below) and ball-bearing (Lincoln and above).


  • Hardplates protect the lock and mechanism from drilling or punching. Liberty installs either one of the following two methods:
  1. The Triple Layered hardplate shakes and chews up drill bits when drilled. UL couldn't even get through Liberty's second of three hardplates! They said it was one of the best hardplates systems they have ever run into.
  2. The Ball-Bearing hardplate snaps drill bits! When a drill bit hits one of the many ball bearings encased in the hardplate the bit snaps or spins on the bearing forever.