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Safe Movers Utah

Need a safe moved to your Utah location? 

We can help! We are Utah's expert safe moving company.

Popular options include moving a safe for your home or business. Many of our clients use us to move gun safes or security safes used to protect valuables such as documents, collectables or money. 

Feel free to give us a call for a free quote. 

We need the following information to give you a quote for your safe move

  • Height, width, depth of the safe
  • Weight (be exact)
  • What city is the safe currently in?
  • Where is the safe in that house (main floor...garage..basement?)
  • If the safe is going to basement/upstairs what do the stairs look like?
  • What city will the safe be moved to?
  • Where will the safe be placed in that house (main floor...garage....basement?)
  • Is there a certain day you need the safe moved by?

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